Recently Finished Wood Sculptures

So I’ve been a little quiet on the posting front recently. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been carving … I have, just not every day. I have completed a few things this year, mainly to order so not much to get in the shops. All being well (once we get over this cold snap) I’ll be able to get outside on the lathe and get making stuff for summer.

Anyhoo, here’s some of the stuff I’ve recently finished:

1. Anvil – handcarved from Sycamore for a Blacksmith

IMG_20150405_113543 IMG_20150405_113511








2. Fire Sculpture – My Design No. 1, handcarved from Sycamore for a present. I love the “spalted” grain in this :).

3. Fire Sculpture – My design No.2, handcarved from the same Sycamore tree as the one above – note the difference in grain (a ‘healthy’ section of tree). Stands 16cm high and 7cm wide. This one will be available to buy once I get round to getting it in the shop ;).

Hopefully, I’ll post more frequently from now on 🙂


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