Out on the Bungee Lathe

IMG_7284Today I decided to take advantage of the weather and holiday to spend some time out on the bungee lathe.

I have been having a few problems with the bungee snapping owing to design flaws in my original design. While the hose pipe through the uprights seemed to be a good idea, the bungee unfortunately “saws” through the tube and snaps. However being a bodger (and not that averse to using modern materials), I seemed to have fixed the issue by using a zip tie wrap around the upright and tying the bungee to that. I need to modify the design and I think the bungee cord I’m using is not the best, so I will (at some point) get a better quality cord and try and fix it for good.

Anyway the real point of this post was to get some photos of me actually using the lathe and making something :). I managed to make a couple of Spurtles from Beech and Sycamore and got two of my wonderful kids to take some photos. I think they’ve come out pretty good (once I straightened them ;)). Thanks girls 🙂


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